Drug Rehab

Virginia has one of the largest categories of other or unknown substances listed as the primary reason for drug rehab admissions in the state. This is an interesting note because either there is possibly a new drug trend on the rise that didn’t fit the usual categories, or there is a much higher percentage of multi-drug users. The most admissions were for marijuana, followed by cocaine. Heroin and other opiates combined to make up a substantial portion of the overall need for rehabilitation services.

Despite having a relatively high population, there is actually shortage of inpatient rehab beds available in Virginia, especially for long-term residential programs. The largest concentration of rehabs in the state are located in cities such as Arlington, Fairfax, Falls Church, Hampton, Richmond, Roanoke and Williamsburg, however there are multiple other listings as well. There is a much greater concentration of programs across the northeastern border into Washington, D.C.

Virginia does have a slightly lower overall rate of illicit drug use compared to the national average. This may be attributed to the number of drug abuse prevention efforts through coalitions around the state.

For those seeking a drug rehab program in Virginia, there are multiple forms of therapies available, such as Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT), medication-assisted therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, 12 step recovery, group and individual counseling, art therapy, equestrian therapy and various holistic treatments.

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